June 15th, 2009

Blue Red


Ouch - I'm in pain!!!

I went with about 40 other people from my church for the weekend in Scarborough. The hotel and the room was lovely. I had a good time socialising. The hotel had a swimming pool - and that's where I hurt myself. On Saturday morning I was about to step into the pool when I slipped and landed really really heavily on my botty and banged my coccyx!!! Ouch!!!

I know haven't broken it though. I did that when I was 8 and I remember how painful it was - this isn't quite that painful.

Thankfully no one saw it happen. I was trying really hard to put on a really brave face when I was actually in agony. An elderly lady lent me her cushion to sit on for the rest of the weekend. The journey home last night was quite bumpy and painful too.

On waking up this morning it is much better. It just feels like an ache in the bottom of my back - the actually coccyx pain has stopped although if I move when I'm sat it's still painful.

On a different subject. I just bought the first series of 4400. I've only watched the pilot and the first episode but have really enjoyed it so far. Has anyone else seen it?

And on the subject of my neighbour problem. I didn't get chance to talk to them on Friday before I left for Scarborough and I haven't seen them today. I feel that I may leave it as some time has passed but I will be ready to tackle it straight away if it happens again.