June 26th, 2009

Blue Red

everything and nothing!

 I've felt very calm and relaxed this week. Sometimes I've been really busy and other times I've done nothing but chill.

The weather has been lovely all week. The sun has been shining and I keep taking my canvas chair outside just because I can sit out there. I love it!

Early Tuesday morning I watched more episodes of 4400 before I went for a walk with the older ladies walking group. Unfortunately this week there were a couple of ladies who walked very slowly so it took about 30 mins to walk what would normally only take me 10 mins! In the afternoon I rested and read my book and then in the evening I went around door knocking, collecting signitures for a community petition.

On Wednesday I met my friends at the coffee shop for a sign language practice. In the afternoon I went and cleaned my moms house and then went out petitioning again in the evening.

Thursday I started to feel as though I had a cold starting so I finished my book and watched episodes of 4400 inbetween cleaning my flat from top to bottom. My friend called round in the evening and we sat in the conservatory with the lights on listening to music and discussing outfits for an 80's party we've been invited to on the 10th July. Athough I was quite gothy looking by 'girls just want to have fun' time I decided that with the clothes available to me by best bet is to go for the cyndi lauper look.

this sort of era -

My friend decided to take her makeup inspiration from Joanne from the human league.

Then today the cold feels worse so I have not felt like doing much at all. I've sat about, I even needed an afternoon nap! I'm still determined to go out for my meal at the pub with my friend and go redhead spotting!

Actually it's 6.40 and we are meeting at 6.50 so I ought to go and finish getting ready!