June 28th, 2009

Blue Red

I was bored this morning but the day improved.

I woke up really early for me on a Sunday morning - 6.30am and couldn't get back off to sleep. It was too humid and I'm not happy to open my  bedroom windows onto a ground floor general grass area without the safety catch on, so I just had to be hot and stuffy with it open the small amount it opens on the safety catch until I decided to get up at about 7. They are upvc windows so the council won't allow you to put a chain on them. Hmmm.... I'll keep looking to see if I can buy one though!

I'm sure that I'll be safe to open them really but you can never be 100% certain can you? I never had to think about open bedroom windows when I lived on the 11th floor!

I didn't see Steve this weekend as he was working both days.

Around 10am I decided that instead of going to church I was going to go to the shopping centre to buy season 4 of 4400. I went to the bus stop and found that I didn't have a bus for another 50 minutes. The trip there takes me over an hour and I could find the same waiting time for a bus back, then I realised I'd ended up being too late to go to church so I just decided to go back home.

I've spent the afternoon writing. I've tidied up one of my longer pieces that's been hanging around for quite some time and changed the POV which I think has made a difference to the flow. Still needs more tweaking though when I next get a chance to write. Yesterday I was really busy and actually realised when I started getting headache that I'd gone for 12 hours between tablets. Today I've had a slight headache but yippie! I've actually written again.

I also wrote down some ideas for a comment fic prompt that I'll get around to replying to eventually.

I'm now going to have a cool bath and go to bed. I'm going to try to catch up on some sleep although it's very humid again tonight.