June 30th, 2009

Blue Red

A question about writing.

What does anyone think about fanfic stories that are written in first person?

I ask because I grew up in an experimental year at school in the UK where I wasn't taught English grammar. I remember aged about 7 having a lesson on full stops and commas but that was about it! Anyway, although we were left to try to pick up grammar ourselves, I do remember our teachers going absolutely ballistic if anyone wrote a story in first person. They would say it was 'the lazy way' and 'only for those who couldn't write'! Therefore, so far, l've never written in first person.

But as I read books, there are some that are written that way.

Most of my RL friends say that it's just another way of writing and is as valid as any other.

So ...What do you think?
Is it a 'lazy' way of writing,
(personally I think it's harder to do because I've never done it!) or a valid style?