July 4th, 2009

Blue Red

I'm tired of traipsing around the streets!

A mobile phone company wants to put up 6 new phone masts in my area because we are on top of a hill. The local people don't want this but the phone company try again and again every couple of years hoping to succeed in putting up their masts. So I've been going round door to door around my neighbourhood for a couple of hours every evening for the last couple of weeks collecting signatures for a petition against them. Nearly all the people are happy to sign. I think it's only about 1 in about 70 that says they want the new masts. I have to present the letters of objection and the petition at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

Every few years the government make it harder and harder to object to the masts being build by taking away one by one our right to object on certain issues and to be honest this time, (as last time) we don't really have a leg to stand on other than the amount of objections we get.

But we have succeeded in keeping them away for the last 8 years - I just wish we could keep them away forever!
Blue Red

4400 post

Last night I went to the pub with C. and my cousin aimingtobefit . Disappointing night on the ginger front - not a single one in sight and it was the same the week before!

Anyway I was telling my cousin about discovering 4400 and she said that she was surprised I hadn't found it earlier because she thought it would be my sort of programme. It turns out she watched the first two seasons!

Now I have not just one person to squee to about it  - but two!

I'm now halfway through the 4th series and I think this series is even better than the others. The story seems to have got back on track and we seem to be getting more answers - and questions ;D

There's been some very good episodes
Although where's Richard? He just disappeared without a word. Although I suppose there's still time for him to reappear! 
Tom's comment about him and Diana working late had me in stitches!
And has Jordan just flirted with Tom?

As I said I'm loving it!!!