July 8th, 2009

Blue Red

80's fun!

Today I went shopping for accessories for my 'Cyndi Lauper' look for the 80's party on Friday night. I bought a few bright bracelets and necklaces, fishnet tights and a load of netting from a material shop.

This afternoon my mom and I have been making an underskirt with the netting to go under my black dress. It's two colours - red (but of course!) and purple. I'll be wearing a pair of Doc martin boots, a fishnet black glove, red false eyelashes and on Friday I am having my hair back combed and sprayed red with yellow!

I've managed to piece most of it together and so far I've only spent about £7.50.

Bras! I get really frustrated about buying bras!!  Why, just because I'm a booby monster, must my bras be so expensive? I think they charge you for all those extra metres of material they have to use!!! and why do most shops only sell up to a 'D'?  Anyway, tomorrow I need to go looking for a bra with see-through straps - hmm we shall see how successful I am!! I must admit that at the moment, I've found Debenhams to be the best shop for the best choice in my size.

I'll try and post pictures of the finished look :D