July 13th, 2009

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Comment to this entry and I will pick three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:

I was given The 4400, the Tribe and Heroes by froodle 

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
4400 - I'd got several WHSmith vouches over the years that added up to £40. I'd had trouble spending them in the past as both the WHSmiths in Sheffield are not very good. About four weeks ago I decided to try and spend them. I didn't fancy spending the whole lot on books so I searched around the shop trying to find something else to buy. I spotted the 4400 DVD series 4 for £12 and got quite excited as I remembered reading about it on LJ and seeing it advertised on a channel I didn't get and thinking it sounded good. I searched through and found series 1 for £9 I thought I'd try it see if I liked it. If I did I could come back for the others if i didn't I'd only lost £9! I watched the first series in two days and loved it! I went back for more but with the remaining vouchers I could only afford series 2 and 3 I had to wait a few weeks before buying series 4. I just finished watching them all on Friday evening.
The Tribe - I was flicking through the tv channels with bleary eyes one Saturday morning and came across a young girl and boy on roller-skates in a street with overturned cars and things on fire hiding from the sirens and rescuing the girl with the cat and thought OMG! What the hell is this! This is amazing! As I carried on watching it over a morning cuppa I kept thinking how all the make up, hairstyles and clothes were just clever modern rehashed designs from my art student days in the 80's. I spent most of the episode watching them rather than watching the storyline as I had no idea how many weeks it had been running or how long into this weeks show I'd started to watch it. It's only when they re-ran it every morning over the school summer holidays that I realised I'd pretty much caught it from the very beginning.
Heroes -
I saw this advertised for quite a while on BBC before it started and could tell from the clips that I would enjoy it.

2. Do you think you will stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
If I really like a programme then I really like it - almost to the point of obsession and these three I really love!
4400 - I haven't found much of a active fandom! I would be involved in it if there was one! I squee with the Froodle, and my cousin aimingtobefit  and that's it! if anyone else wants to join the squeefest then please do.
The Tribe - Oh but of course I'll stay, I can't not. It finished in 2003 and the fandoms are getting quieter. Hopefully something may come of this new 'blood of Judas' thing and then maybe people will get actively involved again.
- The fandom for this show is so vast and I'm only in a few of them. I can't see me leaving for quite a while.

3. What are your favourite episodes/books/movies/etc?
I love being scared psychologically so all these scared me in an exciting way!
4400 - 'The Marked' For me it added a whole new sinister twist to the plot. One of the 4400 has the ability to make really bad 'B movies' where as he's writing the scripts he reveals the real truth about conspiracies.One of them is that a group is placing other personalities from the future into important people. These people can be recognised by a mole behind their left ear that is part of the procedure. These people the bad guys trying to stop the 4400 achieve their future aim.
The Tribe - The scene where Luke catches Ellie pinning up the poster outside the barn and asks her to talk to him in the barn. when he tells her the guardian wants her dead she runs outside and is sick! I loved the realism of that scene! The build up to it had made me scared and as he spoke to her I thought to myself OMG if I was in that situation I'd be so scared I'd be physically sick! so when she then was sick I felt that they had portrayed that character in that situation accurately.
Also any scene with Mega convincing everyone he was the good guy when we as the audience knew better had me shouting at the screen things like 'OMG NO DON'T TELL HIM WHAT YOU PLAN TO DO NEXT!' and 'COME ON JACK FIND THOSE HIDDEN CAMERAS!' and well, I thought it was very scary the way he threatened Amber's baby.
Heroes - Any scene where Adam is manipulating! I really love the whole series of events that lead up to him trying to release the virus that starts with him trying to manipulate Peter into getting them both out of the cells.

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussion, etc.)?
4400 - There isn't anything active really. There are 3 prompts on comment_fic and I'm in the process of giving one of them a go.
The Tribe - I started posting on the_adult_tribe  last year. I'd never written anything fictional since my school days so I still get nervous about my attempts. Also I'm a person who always likes the lesser or unpopular characters in a fandom. so I tend not to write the most popular of couplings! There's a lot of excellent fiction on the_adult_tribe that I've loved reading. My favourite has to be 5 things Ram saw through the security cameras part 4 which was written for me by thestorymaker followed by 5 of diamonds Luke/Jack/Mega in a lift by munnin_odanin
Heroes - I've written a couple of little bits for people on a couple of fandoms but mainly for people's prompts at comment_fic . I quite like reading the stories that are posted on lyle_style again I quite like the lesser and unpopular characters.

5. Do you think that people should get into this fandom?
4400 - oh yes, but I can see me talking to brick walls when it comes to telling my RL friends about this one! It's a nice show while having lots of twisty turny bits to it. There's also a huge cast of gorgeous people! There really is one of every type of person within the show. I promise you there will be someone for you to fancy if you watch it!
The Tribe - YES!! and they should help to keep the dream alive by writing me lots of great fics! It's a great show that has a reality behind all the make up and clothes. It's also a world where young people of differing ages and attractiveness are all of an equal footing!
Heroes - It already has a huge following but there's always room for more. So yes, write me Adam stories where he's being manipulative and I'll love you forever!
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