July 16th, 2009

Blue Red

Bits and bobs

This has turned out to be quite a long post!

After the 80's party on Friday night I spent a while in the early hours getting all the colour out of my hair as it was only a wash in wash out and I knew that it was going to really mess up my pillow cases if I went straight to bed. I giggled to myself as I was undressing because I thought of a song my younger sister brought home from school one day when she was about 7.

The first verse is from the original 'After the ball was over' song which was written in the 1890's. The second verse words are the ones my sister sang.

After the ball was over, after the break of morn,
After the dancers' leaving, after the stars are gone;
Many a heart is aching, if you could read them all;
Many the hopes that have vanished, after the ball.

After the ball was over, she took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in the water, hung up her wig to dry;
Kicked her false leg in the corner, pulled her false nails off an' all,
And what was left went to bye-byes, after the ball!

That was exactly how I felt as I got into bed on Friday!!!

Saturday was the day of the village carnival. Lots of bunting, stalls, balloons, brass bands, classic cars etc.etc. It was a nice warm afternoon. The carnival was fun but was disappointingly similar to last year! My sausage and tomato sandwich was spectacular though! It's been a long long time since I had a S&T Sandwich!

On Saturday night I got fed up of Steve's moaning!!! I finally had a mardy with him and said that I was fed up of his moaning and the fact that he is always tired (which is the main cause of the moaning). I told him that he had to stop it or go home and moan there on his own.

I often wonder why as an optimist I go out with a pessimist. Maybe I optimistically hope that one day he'll stop being pessimistic! LOL!

Anyway he stayed and on Sunday we went to Scarborough for the day. The weather was fantastic. My flip had obviously worked because we had a lovely day without  moans. He treated me to dinner at a nice restaurant and even suggest we had a coffee in a coffee shop! (Coffee shop prices are something else he likes to have a moan about!). All in all a lovely day was had by all!

Monday I handed in my petition and protest letters - so that's out of the was for the time being. In the afternoon I did a bit of writing and a bit of reading.

Yesterday I got around to tidying the flat! The weather has been so nice that I just want to be outside in the sunshine not tidying! It rained on and off on Tuesday so I took the chance to clean up.

Today a good friend of mine called to see the flat for the first time and this afternoon I went to see my mom.

This evening I got an e-mail from my best friend -

Hi C.

Have you seen this???  You probably have

Chris Saunders (who works at RHH photo dept) is doing a project.

If you haven’t heard about it, your mum leads a double life!!

But here’s the link in case


Well there’s a thing!! He’s spelt her name wrong though??????


If you click on the link for volunteers - it's my mom's piccie!!! (mari 79). She doesn't look that old in real life, it's quite an unflattering piccie but it's meant to show lines and wrinkles.

I had to phone her and let her know she was on the internet!

Tomorrow afternoon Steve and I are going away to Falmouth until Tuesday. Yippieeeeee!!!! Holidays again!!!!