July 24th, 2009

Blue Red

I need to have a rant!

I've had a really great time in Manchester these last couple of days but my train journey home was the journey from hell!

I got a nice quiet table seat as we left the airport and had a nice quiet ride to Manchester Piccadilly where loads of people got on. A young lad sat next to me and started by offered me a piece of fruit which was very kind of him and I thanked him but refused it. I was extreemly tired, he didn't speak English very well and as we left Manchester he started asking me if I had a boyfriend etc. etc. I could see where this was heading so I looked around the train and ALL the seats are taken!
I told him I was married and had been married for 20 years!
He said maybe we could meet for a drink next week.
"no - I'm married".
He replied that I didn't have to tell my husband and would I like to hold his hand.
"no I am not holding hands".
Why not?
Because I've only just met you I really don't want to hold your hand and also I'm married!
By this time we were in Stockport and as I knew that it didn't stop again until Sheffield in about 20 mins I was seriously considering getting off the train and catching the next one but I thought sod it I'm too tired.
The train sets off.
"You look tired can I give you a massage?"
"Why not?"
"Look if you really want to talk to me then change the bloody subject because I will refuse to talk to you otherwise!"
"How old are you?"
"Old enough to be your mother!"
"No you're not! I'm 26."
"I told you earlier that I had been married for 20 years. Do the maths - I didn't get married when I was 6!"
"But age is just a number"
"Look I am starting to get really cross will you just talk about something else or stop talking to me altogether?"
"What do you want me to talk about?"
"I dunno tell me about your family or your job"
Thank God it worked for a while - I do think he thought I was checking his prospects out but at least he talked about something else for 10 mins.
"So will you give me your number?
"Why not?
"Your husband doesn't need to know"
We are now passing Hathersage station - only 10 mins or so more of this UTTER, UTTER SHIT!!!
"Tell me about the time you lived in Glasgow"
"Shall I give you my number?"
"No not really!"
he gives me his number anyway and asks if we can meet next Friday.
Anyway this goes on for a further 10 mins until we arrive at Sheffield. To which he turns to me and tries to snog me!
He got a very strong 'will you just fuck off and leave me alone!'
all I got was "but I like you"
I totally ignored him and got off the train making sure he didn't follow me, saw a tram arriving and jumped on that, and threw the phone number in the bin on the tram!


(p.s. LJ friend - I'm really, REALLY glad you never experienced that sort of train journey, and there's me saying trains journeys are always fun!!)

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