July 27th, 2009

Blue Red

I've had a good, relaxing day

Well today I've finished my 5th book since I moved to the new place. This one was the free romance that came with July's copy of cosmopolitan.

I've nearly completed a short one shot for a prompt on comment fic, 

and I've watched the first four episodes of series 1 of 'The Tribe' - Again! and I've loved it! I worked out today that it's now just over a year since I finished my Tribefest and maybe it was time to do it again.

I've also now gone for a 3rd day only taking two tablets a day for my labyrinthitis. I've managed to go for two days in a row before, but both times I tried I suffered quite badly on the 3rd day. Today I have felt well with no problems. I'll have to see how I feel when I wake up in the morning tomorrow. If the world spins and I have a headache from hell then it's time to go back to three a day again.

I'm planning to go out with a group of my friends into the countryside tomorrow evening - hopefully it's going to be lovely weather! I still have a bit of a dodgy foot and a friend with a bad back so we're not planning on going up Mam Tor - much as I'd love it. Steve suggested we go to Fairhomes at Derwent dam and take a picnic tea with wine. Sounds like good fun!
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