July 28th, 2009

Blue Red

my Birthday.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes. They were really nice.

I've had a good but quiet day today. Got up and opened cards and presents from friends went to my moms and received money and presents from my family. Met Steve in town and looked around the shops for a new mp3 player from him (he doesn't know anything about mp3 players so he wanted me to choose which one I wanted). We looked but I didn't find anything I really liked. Instead I saw an ion record player that plugs into the computer and also works as plugged into an amp and speakers. So I used the money my brother gave me to buy it.

Now I can record all my favorite, really bad, long lost, one hit wonders onto my computer!!

After being sunny all day it started raining around 5.30pm and came in quite a downpour. So the countryside birthday picnic got cancelled. I asked people if they just wanted to come around to mine later than planned and they all said they had their picnics already packed so could they come round as planned and just have a picnic in my flat. So we did! I turned the music and the lights on in the sunroom and we had a bit of a party in there instead.

Steve and G. (my freinds husband) hit it off and I think they were having a contest to see who could tell the most jokes!

They all left about 11pm and now I'm thinking of my bed!
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