August 3rd, 2009

Blue Red

agghhh! my living room floor's a mess!!!

I'm just taking a two minute break from sorting a big mass of old paperwork that needed sorting before I moved! There wasn't time before I moved to do it so it was just packed up and then it moved here with me in three boxes! Today is the day I've decided to go through it all. So in my living room I now have a large pile for the rubbish, a large pile for shredding and lots of little individual piles for putting away into my filing cabinet.

So one box down - two to go!
Blue Red


Okay - so I only managed to sort out the one and a quarter box of papers!

Had to tidy up as I'm expecting Steve in a bit. The other one and three quarter boxes will have to wait.
Blue Red

The weekend.

First of all on Friday, me and my cousin aimingtobefit  went out to the usual pub for tea.



I was quite devastated!!!!

Saturday Steve and I did some jobs around the flat. He put sealant on my bathroom floor and then painted the walls in my kitchen a hint of yellow with some white and a tester pot of yellow I had around the flat. It's a really nice colour. He drilled a hole in my bedroom wall through the storeroom and then from the store room to the living room so that my TV wire could plug into a TV splitter in the living room. I can watch TV in the bedroom now. He fixed lots of little things that needed doing. LOL! and I can't remember anything I did!

Saturday night I went out with my friend (the one who I went to see singing last week for my birthday) to another local pub to see this really mental singer who just looked and acted like Leo Sayer. We had a good night as he was very entertaining.

Sunday Steve and I went to the supermarket to do some shopping and then went to the garden centre. We went to buy another hanging basket but I fell in love with this pot -

We worked out that it was cheaper to buy this ready made than to make it ourselves.

I've just been looking at the photos I took of my hanging basket when I just bought it and realised how much it's grown!


I've been sorting out some paperwork today and have now stored my shoes in the boxes that had the papers in. My friend Chris is moving on the 18th August and has offered me her spare pine bed and mattress for my second bedroom. I've said yes as I know it's still brand new and has never been made up! The thought of having a bed and a mattress stacked in the already full and cluttered room has given me the motivation to try to get everything unpacked by the time the bed arrives.

Tomorrow I think I might go walking with the ladies in the morning. I haven't been out with them for a few weeks.