August 5th, 2009

Blue Red

Happy memories.

Today would be my Dad's birthday and it's amazing to think that he would have been 85 today!

My dad was a lovely man, very kind and thoughtful. I never knew the really strong athletic man who enjoyed rambling whenever he could, the one who had climbed all he highest mountains in the UK, the one who was a gymnastic display team coach. He became ill with Parkinson's Disease just after I was born. My Mom and Dad together did really well at controlling the illness and the side effects from the tablets.

I have lots of great memories of him, like my younger sisters birthday party where everyone was playing dead fishes and my dad sat in his chair gently prodding everyone one by one with his walking stick trying to make them laugh and move!

Another memory was all the family taking all his birthday presents up to him in bed with his breakfast and sitting there while he opened them and thanked us all. Then he laughed and said
"I've had a great morning thank you. If this is what happens today I can't wait till it's my Birthday tomorrow"
We'd been a day too early!!!!

He gave me my love of the countryside, the mountains, Scotland and when it came to me working as a youth leader, he taught me so much useful psychology that he had naturally discovered.

He died 24 years ago when I was only 21 years old, but I still think about him and am thankful that he was my Dad.