August 14th, 2009

Blue Red


Nicked from lots of people, as it's doing the rounds!

Ask me my fannish Top 5 [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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Blue Red

The last couple of days.

First of all I didn't go to Scarborough on Wednesday. I had a most horrid headache and it was pouring with rain so I decided to stay home and rest instead.

By last night I finally got to a point where I'd emptied most of the boxes in my spare bedroom! There are still quite a few left to do but I moved what's left across to one corner of the room and now I've got a huge empty space for a bed! I keep having to go in and look at the nearly empty room cos it's been full since I moved in at Easter!

This morning I went to slimming club and found I'd lost five and half pounds! That's good for me as last time I did this diet I used to lose two pounds in a week. I was thinking that I would be happy if I lost a pound! I expect that next week I may not do so well having lost a lot this week. If I could do a pound and a half so I've lost half a stone I'll be delighted.

After I went to meet a friend for lunch at the pub I usually go to on Friday evening. They had a limited menu as the pub is changing hands on Monday and they have to finish off all the food they have in the kitchen. Still I had a nice health dinner.

I was quite late meeting my friend because as I was on the bus from town I felt in my pocket for my house key and realised that I didn't have it! I searched in my bag and my purse - nothing! I knew I'd taken it out of my pocket as I was getting weighed and had put it on the table. I didn't remember ever picking it back up! I was about half way home and I had to make a quick decision; get off the bus and go back for it or stay on the bus for another few stops and walk to my mom's for the spare key. I decided to go back for it. I got off the bus and searched while I waited for the bus. The bus arrived and I'd travelled about four stops when I found my key! As my bus is only every half an hour I then had a twenty five minute wait for the next one!

Thankfully my friend was still there waiting for me even though I arrived half an hour late!

Blue Red

More about my eclectic music tastes

takhallus  asked who my 5 top bands are.

It was hard for me to pick favourite bands as I like so many solo artists and that would have created a different list to this one! Also my tastes change quite often so this is my now-ish list and isn't actually in order of preference.

Apologies to any of my f'listers who may have seen some of these videos on my journal before!

1. Jennifer Rostock.
They are a German band that I was introduced to through someone on my f'list several months ago and loved the single Feuer. They haven't released much yet and haven't really released anything in the UK. I'd love to see them in concert and would like to get hold of a copy of their new album.


2. Duke Special
From Ireland, Their live performances have a theatrical style inspired by Vaudeville and music hall, and often incorporate 78s played on an old-fashioned gramophone, or sound effects from a transistor radio. (maybe a slight cheat as Duke special is supposed to just be Pete Wilson with various different other musicians, but he seems to be playing with the same ones more and more which makes them a band in my eyes!)


3. The Seekers
A 1960's group from Australia. My grandma bought me a Seekers album for my Christmas present when I was four years old and I loved that record so much! She asked me what record I wanted for my fifth birthday and I asked for another seekers one!
I now sing several of their songs at Karaoke and have won a few times with this one -

I'll never find another you

Sad maybe - but true!
The one band I wanted to but never got to see live.
Oh Bjorn! you used to make a fourteen year old girl very happy whenever you wore Lycra!

Does your mother know

5. Queen
Oh Freddie your Lycra outfits also used to make a 14 year old girl very happy!

We are the champions

I'm proud of my eclectic tastes!