August 22nd, 2009

Blue Red

Friday night - ginger time!!!!

Went to the pub for a meal with my cousin, aimingtobefit  and had an increase in the redhead count by 300% from last time.

Tonight we got my No1 little cutie 'Prince Harry', cutie no. 2 on my redhead pub list 'PM' and No. 5 on the list 'Little spike'.

Prince Harry no longer has the Shakespearean moustache and goatee beard (thank goodness!)

Harry and PM played darts next to us and chatted to us all night and made us laugh. As the night went on, the drunker they got, the more accurate their throwing became.

We were amazed to hear our first Christmas song of this year being piped through the music system, 'So Here It Is Merry Christmas' is a bit early to be played in August!

I had a jolly excellent ginger time....