August 29th, 2009

Blue Red

Greenbelt Saturday.

It's been a day for meeting up with old friends!

In the morning (9am) I went to help out at a signing workshop. Went for coffee with the signers after. Then headed to see a rock band and on the way bumped into an old friend as I was crossing the bridge who I've known for 25 years who I only see here at the festival every year. Went for a coffee. Then tried to go to see a punk band got to the same bridge and met another friend. Went for a coffee! Later again set off and got to the bridge again and again met someone else so we went for another coffee!

By dinner time I was on a coffee high!

As I'd missed the bands I wanted to see I walked around and found a folk club type thing in the bar. I got asked to sing so I ended up singing in front of about 250 people. 

Then went to the ever fantastic Beer and Hymns! If only all church services were like that I'm sure a lot more people would go! It's like singing at a rugby match but all clean fun.

This evening I've been to see another comedian who has been really funny. Very clever humour about the
English langague and grammar .

I'm just charging my phone up at the internet cafe and then I'm going to have a wander around and just see what I can find in any of the little venues.

I'm having lots of fun

Till tomorrow x