October 22nd, 2009

Blue Red

Still bunged up with cold!

Yesterday I watched 'Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood' on DVD - another of my bargains from a car boot. I enjoyed it - it was nice and fluffy without too much depth. I was also going to watch 'The Forgotten' but I decided that I wasn't in the mood, so It will have to wait.

We have bus stikes threatened tomorrow (as well as postal strikes). I am due to go for my check up appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning. Then tomorrow evening Steve and I are away again for a few days. We have a chalet booked on a caravan site near Bournmouth. We did think about going up to Scotland, I've missed going up there this year, but Steve fancied going south again.

Today I've been trying to pack whilst tidying up and doing all the jobs i need to do as tomorrow I will leave in the morning for the hospital (busses willing!) and not be back all day and I'll go up to Steves place for about 3pm.

I hope this cold clears up soon!
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Blue Red


Decisions, decisions. 

Steve's just been over to see me and we are trying to decide whether to go away tomorrow night to the halfway stop or drive it all in one go (about 8 hours). We think we may choose Saturday as if we set off tomorrow at 3.30pm we hit Birmingham at about 5.15pm and Bristol at around 6.45pm (when traffic is always bad there at that time!).

If we set off at about 6am Sat morning we shouldn't hit any major traffic.