November 10th, 2009

Blue Red


I went into college on Friday to film my assessment. It went much better than I expected. My question answering was more fluent - that is my weaker point as I like to take a split second to think about any answer to a question in normal life! I can't just spout out any old rubbish! I have been telling my tutors for the last 7 years that I am being pulled up on a personallity trait and not a signing problem! But I knew I hadn't asked my parter enough questions and they would fail me for that. So today in class I had a one to one with my tutor and showed him the DVD from Friday and asked for his advice on how to improve it. He was lovely today and very helpful.

I re-filmed it and again after I realised I'd still not asked enough questions! The tutor had a look and I commented that I realised i'd made the same mistake and he said that it was a lot better as both of us taking turns is the important part and as my partner asked me LOADS of questions that I answered we had a good looking conversation.

So I think (hopefully!) I might be a borderline pass. He usually tells people there and then if it's not good enough and he told me he wanted to take it away to watch with the other tutor and he would get back to me next week.

I'm not going to get excited as it could just as easily be a borderline fail!
Blue Red

I'm in pain!

I've BADLY twisted my ankle coming out of college this evening!

I was walking down a hill and there was a small dip/hole in the pavement that I didn't see. I went over on my ankle and collapsed in a heap on the floor. I've also ripped a hole in the knee of my jeans!

I went to my mom's because she's nearer to get to from the tram stop than my bus stop home and had it on ice there for 4 hours. It's quite swollen.

My brother gave me a lift home.

I think I'm going to have to arrange for someone to give me a lift to A&E in the morning to get it checked out!
Blue Red

Harry Potter

I've been to A&E this morning with my sprained ankle and there's nothing broken. I've got to rest it totally for a couple of days so I've been watching the first Harry Potter film.

When I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago I went to a car boot and bought the first five films on DVD for £3! I thought for that price I'd give them a watch as I've never seen them.

Are the films quite accurate with the books or are the books better?