November 27th, 2009

Blue Red


Today I sat in the conservatory in the sunshine, listening to my music on my MP3 player while I painted my glasses and varnished the little tea-light holders.

This evening I've been to choir. It's been fun. The weather turned freezing cold and I didn't feel like going out but I'm really glad I went.

I'm going out with a couple of the women from the choir tomorrow night to meet up with the choirmaster and some others from the choir at a village pub for the start of the traditional singing of the local carols in the pubs.

*smirks* Tut tut, Jealousy jealousy that's all it is! - Tonight as well as slagging of the lovely Gareth Malone, the choir master had a go at my little Aled Jones too!! How dare he!!

I hope everyone in the US is having a good Thanksgiving Day x