December 14th, 2009

Blue Red

'What's the recipe today Jim?'

What have I been up to these past few days?


Thursday evening was supposed to be my first concert with the choir but I became ill with a blockage in the afternoon (one of my serious problems as a result of the op 11 years ago!) But THANKFULLY it cleared up on it's own around 8pm so I didn't need to go to hospital or anything.

I rested during Friday daytime to get over Thursday evening (actually I wrote Christmas cards!). On Friday night my cuz aimingtobefit stayed for the night. We went out to the usual Friday night pub. I had a nice surprise as a couple of the redheads were home for the holidays. I wasn't expecting them to be around until next Friday. Prince Harry wasn't around but funnily enough my cuz, who has recently started a new job, was talking to her new workmate and realised after a few comversations that he is Prince Harry's dad!!! She's not let on that she knows his son though!

Saturday morning me and cuz walked around the village, hand delivering my local cards. In the afternoon the choir met for a 'big sing'. I thought it was going to be a concert but when I got there it was a 'Choir and audience just all sing together and sing as many local carols as you can in two hours' type of thing. It was a fun afternoon and we sang about 29 carols.

On Sunday I spent the day analysing the DVD of my last assessment. It will take me about another two weeks altogether to get it all finished. It took me 3 hours just to transcribe everything that was signed by myself and my partner on the 12 minute DVD! I was glad when Steve arrived at teatime as it meant I could pack in for the day.

It was the last college class of term today so in my 1 to 1 with the teacher I told him that I would have all the paperwork finished by the time the new term starts on Jan 11th.

I've now got a bath waiting for me to get into.

Oh and thanks to multred_a for your card. It arrived this afternoon.
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