December 16th, 2009

Blue Red


I've been putting up my Christmas trees today. I've got a 5 footer in the living room and a 4 footer on the conservatory corner window shelf. I realised today that I don't have enough baubles for two trees. In the other flat I had deep window sills so my big tree went in the big window and the little tree went in the little window. I lived 11 floors up. I didn't need to decorate around the back of the trees!!!

The one in my conservatory I realised can be seen from all angles! It's got baubles three quarters of the way round (facing outwards) but you can see it's not got any around the back (toward the inside of the conservatoy) from the outside as you walk past the window.

I think they look nice, even with the bare patches! I collect nice glass baubles and add new ones every year. I bought a long twisted hand blown glass one from a craft fayre a couple of weeks ago. Steve usually buys me a couple too.

I'd have liked to have posted pictures but my camera isn't working!

I also hung my cards up on a string across the back wall and put my nativity scene out on the table.

I'm glad we decorated last week. All the busy wallpaper would have been too much with all the Christmas decorations.

Oh my sister sent me a piccie last week that she took on the day we moved in.

This was the wallpaper up to last week!