December 17th, 2009

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Wed 16th

Woke up this morning at 7am thinking 'why did I want to wake up early this morning? I know there's a reason!'

After a few minutes I remembered that I was going Christmas pressent buying at Meadowhall shopping centre. So off I went on the epic hour journey on the bus and tram that would only have taken me 10 minutes if I'd had a car! Got there for when it opened at 9am and as usual on a Wednesday morning it was really quiet.

I managed to get the vast majority bought by 12 noon when I stopped for lunch and a coffee. I decided that I was carrying too much stuff so left and came back to Hillsborough where I did a bit more shopping. I booked an appointment to have my hair coloured and cut on Friday afternoon and then got home for about 2.30pm.

This afternoon (after falling asleep on the settee for a bit!) I did a bit of tidying and laundry.

Oh and yes this evening - I had half a glass of RED WINE and after a year and a half without any alcohol it was BLOODY LOVELY!!!!

So - No effect from the tablets and half a glass. Guess who will be drinking small amounts of wine this Christmas!!!!!!
Blue Red


Interesting .... I've started with dizziness and everything is spinning.

Have I just done too much these last few days (I've been on the go since 7.30 this morning tidying up!) or does the wine make my tablets not work! I may leave the alcohol alone for a while and then test the waters and see if it does the same thing next time!

It's now 12.45 and I'm going to have to go to bed and keep my eyes and my head still. I hope it's gone by tonight cos I have a concert with the choir this evening.
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Waiting for a call...

It's snowed today. It's not settled as it melted but the temp went cold enough to freeze it!

So the village grinds to a hold!

I'm waiting for a phone call to see if the concert is still on or not. It was to be held in the village on the next hill across from us. It's a really really steep country lane down and back up the other side to get there. Deadly if its got black ice.

We were expecting this weather but Sheffield council only grit the bus routes at the beginning. They take a week or so to do the minor roads.

Edit - Actually I can see out of my window that the snow has settled on the other hill!