December 19th, 2009

Blue Red

A big Yay! ...but also a duh as 'R' is next to the letter 'T' on the keyboard!

Thanks to a voucher from the luvly multred_a  I now have a paid account for a year!

Well... I do at this moment. I typed my details in and had just pressed the continue button when I realised I'd spelt my name wrong in the card account details section! Could I find where to change my card details? NO! I rang the bank and had a word with them and they tell me it will probably get rejected when they notice I've spelt it wrong. It has been accepted for now but we will see by Monday or Tuesday if I continue to be accepted!

A big thanks again for the voucher. x
Blue Red

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The coolest piece of technology I work or play with

I don’t own anything technological that other people would think of as ‘cool’! Everything of mine is old and ‘untrendy’!

The newest and ‘coolest’ thing I own is my computer which I saved for two years to buy in April 2008. Knowing it would have to last me for eight or ten years, I bought one that was brand new, very expensive, and had advanced features. It’s a desk top as I decided against a buying a laptop (they were more expensive for less memory and ram) and I’m the sort of person that if I had access to the internet that travelled around with me, I’d be on it all the time! I like to turn my computer off, forget about it for a while and go and do other things.

The piece of technology I love and use most often is my mp3 player. The one I’m using at the moment is a little five year old 256mb mp3 player that can hold about 90 songs. My sister bought me a new 4GB mp4 player for Christmas last year but I had nothing but trouble with it and couldn’t get it to work properly! In September I realised that because the new one was a problem I had never actually stopped using my little mp3 player. I decided once and for all to give up on the mp4 player and just stick to my old faithful!

Other things I own and find useful are my Ion record player that converts vinyl to mp3’s, my voice recorder that I use when I want to interview people for the tenants association or the village magazine, and my memory stick that is useful when I have to take work into college.

I may not have the coolest or the latest gadget but I have fun using the ones I own.