December 28th, 2009

Blue Red


I've had a nice Christmas.

Steve and I spent it together on our own which was nice but very strange at the same time as it was the first Christmas I've not spent with my family! Mom earlier in the year had dropped hints that she understood if I wanted to have Christmas with Steve and stuff as married couples would have Christmas together. So I did and Mom and my brother went to my sisters for Christmas dinner.

This year is one of the first years I didn't go to church on Christmas day. I woke up tired, it was still very icy and slippery and I just didn't fancy walking up the hill! So we opened our pressies around 11am. I got a new camera from sis as my old one stopped working the other week. Steve bought me a new printer 'cos that had packed in months ago. I got 'life on mars' S1&2 DVD and Lost S5 (finally!) give me a few weeks and I'll be able to read all the Lost fanfics that has S5 spoiler warnings on them! I also got the 4400 books which I shall enjoy reading. I'm betting there's going to be no Jordan/Shaunness or Jordan/Tomness or any attractive male/any other attractive maleness though!

I've been at Steve's for a couple of days. He got some George Formby DVD's for Christmas so we've watched a few of them - I started off really, REALLY, taking the mickey and then decided that they were quite fun in a sad, awful way! The 1930's were certainly a more innocent time!

'Heehee - turned out nice again!'

On Sunday I suggested we watched 'Life on Mars' He agreed but I did expect him to moan abit but he enjoyed them and said he wants to watch the series. I knew he'd enjoy it if he tried it! ;D

I'm fighting a cold from starting at the moment! I've got a sore throat and earache. I'm going to the docs tomorrow morning cos it feels as though it's gone to my chest and I very rarely get chest infections. Also my bridged tooth came loose yesterday while I was eating a toffee! It seems okay and hasn't come out but I want to get it checked out. I rang today and found that my dentist is shut until the 4th Jan!!!

Here's a few piccies I took on Christmas Morning with my new Camera, to try it out.

The snow and black ice has now just about cleared on the road that stopped us doing the choir concert last week!

Through the trees to the left is the next block of flats to mine!

The view to the right!