February 7th, 2010

Blue Red

I had soooo much childish giggly fun!!

Steve and I went out for the day today after I'd been to church. Driving back home we came over the top of the hill across the moors and although the snow disappeared lower down the hill a few weeks ago there was still remains of a snow drift by the side of the road. Steve was like "OMG it must be 30 to 36 inches deep and the snows been going away for weeks! How deep must it have been when it had only just snowed?!!" Then he laughed and said "do you want to play in it?"
I was like "OK!"
"I was only joking!" he said.
I asked him to stop the car which he did beside a 10 feet wide strip about 40 feet long. I got out of the car and gingerly stepped on it knowing that it was going to be hip deep if I sunk. It was quite frozen and firm but only if I trod carefully. I gently started walking the 40 feet across the high drift managing well until the few steps in the middle where I sunk up to my hips!!! We were laughing our heads off!

I got to the other end and then turned around and ran really quickly and heavily so I sank on every step falling face first several times into the snow!!!!

Steve just kept laughing and saying he wished he'd brought his camera to film it. I fell back in the car laughing, wet from head to foot and we giggled about it all night!!!