May 10th, 2010

Blue Red

News from the last few days

All last week from Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening I spent stripping my bedroom. It's been hard work but I've only got a small bit of wall to finish and then it's done and ready for papering. I looked in the other bedroom where all my furniture is and realised that there is quite a large section of wall I can start stripping without getting myself in a mess.

Saturday I spent the day tidying up the rest of the flat as it had got in a state, washing pots, cleaning the kitchen, putting paperwork from the living room away etc.

Saturday evening was my first choir concert!

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After aimingtobefit and I went to the pub and met up with a couple of my friends from Friday nights and ended up not coming home until 1.30am! (one redhead!)

On Sunday aimingtobefit and I went up to church. Steve was going to go to a car boot but it had been raining in the week so we suspected the field would be soddened and would therefore be cancelled. He met me after church and we went food shopping and then after putting it away we went out to a couple of garden centres to try and get some good ideas for his planters in the future. We came home had tea and watched our usual Sunday evening TV programmes - Time Team, Antiques Roadshow and then we watched Lewis which I only watched for the first time last week!

This morning it black, dark, cold and rainy and I've got to go out to Hillsborough to the bank this morning! I'd rather be indoors today!