June 20th, 2010

Blue Red


Ah... the beds in the b&b! SO COMFY! I slept all night!

Got up and had a full cooked breakfast with Scotch pancakes and went for a walk. I bought a great little red 10L rucksack and a small flask while we were in Tobermory yesterday so we packed up and went for a walk. We walked for a couple of miles before we stopped for coffee and a tot of whiskey on the beach. We walked on a bit more but couldn't find a gate or see the end of this fence that just went on forever so we decided to turn back! We walked about 5 miles altogether.

We came back and I read in the comfy lounge while multred_a checked her e-mails. Oh I'm re-reading Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. I read it when it first came out in the late 70's and decided that I would read the 'trilogy of four books' as I have never lead the final three - I listened to the radio series and watched the tv series so it'll be interesting to read the books.

Had a nap before tea and took our sandwiches outside to eat on the bench in the garden. The blokes who we met at Tobermory Youth hostel were outside talking to our b&b man trying to find a place to stay for the night. We chatted to them for a while and while we wern't looking a gull swooped down and pinched our bread! Cheeky bugger!!! The b&b man chased after it but it got away! We still had enough food left to eat though!

We went down to the pub later and I left multred_a while I phoned home (no mobile signal at the end of the earth!). When I got back she was chatting to the blokes who had managed to find somewhere to stay in the village for another night.

We saw a viking funeral! I'd noticed a boat quite high on the hill when I opened the curtains of the b&b in the morning and had commented as to what it was doing so high on the hill and hoped they hadn't recently had a tide that high as to wash it up there! As we walked back from the pub we saw black smoke and multred_a commented that it was probably the fire she had seen advertised in the Spar grocery shop inviting everyone to Helga's wake. As we passed the rock that was hiding the fire from our view we suddenly realised that it was the boat I had noticed earlier that was on fire!

We came back and I had another wonderful bath!

Tomorrow we are going on the trip to Staffa to see Fingals cave and hopefully see some puffins.