July 8th, 2010

Blue Red

What's the receipe today Jim?

I've been really tired these last few days. So I've not done much. I've read; I'm now reading 'Life The Universe And Everything' The third book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, and on Tuesday I wrote a Tribal comment fic which is the first thing I've written in quite a while.

I got a nice compliment on the bus today from a Deaf woman I know who lives locally. I was signing with her and she asked me how I was getting on at college and if i'd finished my level 3, I told her about taking a year out until I finished taking my tablets as it slowed my thinking down and I wasn't signing quick enough for the teachers liking to which she said that the speed I was signing at was absolutely fine and my vocab and grammer was excellent. She said as far as she was concerned being able to communicate was the most important thing and we were communicating absolutely fine. She asked me if I was still in the Tennenta Association and told me a problem she was having with a neighbour. Now I feel as if I've been useful! I don't think she would have ever come into the TA office or gone to the council office to report it, but I can put the problem forward to the council for her now.

Tonight I dragged myself along to choir knowing that i would enjoy it once I was there, which I did. We did two songs tonight - You Raise Me Up' and Anything Goes'. I adore Cole Porter So I'm loving 'Anything Goes'.
Oh and Haha! When we were singing Anything goes really fast I was getting really tongue tied with the words and I innocently asked the conductor if he could possibly slow down for me because I was having trouble getting my mouth round it! To which he responded with an 'ooh err missis!' and quite a number of the older ladies had a snigger!

The conductor had another go at the ever lovely Garath Malone again. When he did it, all the altos around me looked at me and giggled as I tutted and shook my head at him.
So mr Conductor tell me - Who is the most famous, you or him? Who's musically talented enough to be the conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, you or him? Who's award winning show has started being shown in America this week yours or his? So I think mr conductor you ought to shut up and stop slagging off my ideal choir master!

Tomorrow my moms coming to see my newly decorated flat for the first time. So I've just got some little bits of tidying to do in the morning that should only take me about half an hour or so.