July 18th, 2010

Blue Red

Hotness death match - final results.

Well here we are - a few days late but still....

I've been hanging on for a few more scores or at least a decider vote!!!

So with four votes each, I declare a tie for first place between Mark Pellegrino and Josh Holloway for the boys.

For the girls the winner is Evangeline Lilly with 5 votes followed closely in second place by Ruslana Lyzichko with 3 votes

Thank you all for voting and playing along with me x
Blue Red

(no subject)


Summer days roll away,
Tides turn,
Time has no home here,
Beaches quiet except for the skylark,
Seaweed resting at high tide,
Sea green and blue, with sand as white as in any beautiful foreign land,
Staffa far away, nestling between the rocks of the nearby shoreline,
The gentle peacefulness of the waves washing ashore,
And apart from the sounds of nature....
....There is silence.

C.x  25/06/10