September 1st, 2010

Blue Red

Coffee Break.

I'm just having a break - I've just been going through my wardrobe and drawers trying to find holiday clothes. Unfortunately I'm probably at my biggest I've been in the last ten years and I'm not left with that much choice! Actually that's probably a good thing because I'm trying to keep my luggage down to a minimum.

When we travel from Paris to the south coast on the train we have got seats upstairs (rather than downstairs, where the luggage racks are!)so we've decided to travel with small rucksacks rather than a shared suitcase so we can carry them upstairs and keep our eyes on them!. This means taking fewer clothes and washing them but I managed in Scotland so I should manage in France.

I've been to the docs and got all my tablets. hmmm...I need to find a way to cut down on the toiletries!

I think this evening I'll have a practice pack! :D