October 14th, 2010

Simon's Cat

Wednesday & Thursday.

I've had two really nice evenings out.

Last night my cousin (aimingtobefit) and I went to the University Student Union building. We had seen advertised as park of the 'Off The Shelf' festival a board games night at the Uni. It ran from 6.30pm till 10.30 in the coffee bar. About 20 people turned up. All the board games the group had brought with them were all new to everyone as they were all games not available to buy in this country! My cousin and I started the evening (before other people had arrived) with a stratagic 5x5 noughts and crosses. It only had about 3 rules to the game but these three rules made it a very interesting game. We played it twice and my cus won both times.

Next we were joined by a student called Jen. We played a 'snap' style card game where each card had lots of images on each one but only one image matched with the card turned before and you had to be the first to spot it and win the card. I won 9 (me) to 4 (Jen) to 1 (cus) . Then we played a memory card game where we had to remember the unturned cards in order to win them. Again I won.

Jen left and we were joined by an older man Derick and we played a game that was a mixture of domines, scrabble and solitare! Well I won by loads more points than the others!
We were then joined by another couple of students, a boy from India and a girl from Mexico. The five of us started playing 'The great train game of Europe' which was great fun. We all got on so well and enjoyed the game so much, we played several rounds of it. I didn't actually win any of these games but had a lot of fun playing it.

The five of us got on really well and have said we ought to arrange a games night together sometime in the future. We've all swapped e-mail addresses so we'll see if anything comes of it!

Tonight I've been to choir. We've really worked hard on just a few pieces. We spent a long time fine tuning both 'Moon River' and 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and as an ending song wizzed through 'Anything goes'. It's such a fast song it's hard to get your mouth around the words and not get your teeth in a twist!

The concert date is Nov 13th.