November 10th, 2010

Blue Red

Things I want to tell you about.

1. Head over to The Tribe re-watch project at [info]tribalgathering. Any and every tribe-fan (or non tribe fan who has never seen it) on my f-list, run over. The more people that participate, the more fun it will be. :)

Links to watch online if you don't have it on dvd:
and part 1,2,3 on youtube. (medium quality) (good HD quality) (good HD quality)
thanks to[info]nemesisofamor for the links x 

2. misstia  is running the next game at balderdash_game  which will start on Sunday 14th Nov. Head over there and check it out.

3. multred_a  and myself are in the process of designing and inventing a new, Original Character role playing game. It's a game that can take characters of all ages and all personalities, probably coffee shop based. We need people to be willing to play. Contact me if you would be interested in joining in and I'll let you know when we have got more ideas together.

4. fandom meme if you can see a fandom that hasn't been asked, then ask me.

5. Managed to get quite a bit done on my exchange story today.