November 14th, 2010

Blue Red

Christmas cards

If anyone would like a Christmas card from me, please send me a PM.  I swear I won't give out your address to anyone else or stalk you or anything. :D

If I already had your address from last year's and it hasn't changed could you just drop me a PM to say hi anyway, but if I have it from some other post like postcards or letters or something, could you please leave it again? It'll just make things easier for me.

Ta x
Blue Red


It was a good night last night. There were about 75 people turned up to watch and about 36 choir members. We all had to work hard as we were very outnumbered by the sopranos. Sopranos - 20, Altos 6, Tenors 5, Basses 5!

We started with the 'KIngs Of Swing' which is a medley of 'Begin the Begine', 'Ain't Misbehavin', 'Moonlight Serenade' and 'Chattanooga Choo choo'. Followed by 'Nice and Easy' which is a Perry Como medley - 'Magic Moments', 'And I Love You So', Catch A Falling Star', Try To Remember' and 'Magic Moments' again.

The guest quartet sang 3 songs - a sea shanty, a comedy song and an more classical piece.

We next sang 'Moon River', Our Love Is Here To Stay' and 'Anything Goes'.

The guest Trombonist played the 'theme from the Deerhunter'

There was a 5 min break

Then we got to the songs I felt most confidant with 'This Little Light Of Mine', 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot',  'Love Comes Tricklin' Down' and 'Softly As I Leave You'

The quartet did a couple of songs - a drinking song and an old folk song.

Our conducter then played 2 short Debussy  pieces on the piano.

We then did our newest songs 'Thank You For The Music' (which has major amounts of solo by the Alto's!) 'You Raise Me Up', and 'Wind Beneath my Wings'. (which I came in too early right at the beginning!!!)

And as a finale we sang 'Getting To Be A Habit With Me'

I did get a recording of all the songs (my friend used my voice recorder from the audience). But I've not got the cd working to load it up onto my computer. When I get it sorted I post a couple of the best tracks (it's a bit of a ropey recording!)