November 23rd, 2010

Blue Red



I've not been very well these last few days. Actually I had a 24 hr not well spell after the choir concert and partying last Saturday night too!

Last Saturday after the concert I went to see my friend G. sing in my local and my friends J. and C. and I had a good old dance around. When I got home to bed I just couldn't settle. My heart was going ten to the dozen, I was on edge and tossed and turned for hours wondering why my beta blockers didn't seem to be settling my heart rate down. When I took my next dose at 7am my heart rate settled down in about 10 mins and I finally managed to go off to sleep for a couple of hours.

On Friday I went to the docs for my 1 month review from taking the beta blockers. I told him that they seemed to be working at stopping the irregular heartbeat but that it had only finally totally settled down in the past two days. I said that although this was a good thing did it mean that I would have to take them for the rest of my life (so many people have said to me that once you start taking them the doctors keep you on them for life). He said that I would need to take them for at least 6 months to get everything regular and then he would review it again. He said that I'm producing too much Adrenaline and had I experienced any adrenaline rushes? He described it to me and I told him that it sounded exactly like the thing I'd experienced on Saturday evening. 

I mentioned to him that I'd had another try at cutting down my Labyrinthitis tablets from 3 to 2 a day as I'd been feeling better and in the past when I'd tried I'd only managed 1 day before symptoms reappeared. This week, up until seeing him, I had managed 6 days! He mentioned to me that Labyrinthitis is made worse by adrenaline and therefore having blocked the adrenaline with the beta blockers my Labyrinthitis will have improved! Yay (for just a short while longer!!!!!)

Saturday evening I spent a long time on the computer playing 'The Sims' and I think I got myself all hyped up. When I went to bed I had all the same symptoms as the previous Saturday night plus I started feeling really sick the room started spinning and I started with a really bad attack of Labyrinthitis!!! This was on top of my heart racing, feeling scared and being unable to sleep. I upped my Labyrinthitis tablets back up to 3 and when I took my beta blocker in the morning it didn't settle anything down. It went on all Sunday and still didn't go off to start with when I took my evening tablets. I finally started to feel better about 10pm on Sunday evening. Steve looked after me on Sunday and in the evening I went and stayed overnight at my mom’s house. I got a good night’s sleep (I slept from 11pm until about 10am!). I came home Monday teatime and was feeling okay but still a bit delicate.  

Last night went to bed fine and then started having fast thoughts again! At about 1.30am I realised I’d got it again so I played calming music for a couple of hours, tried to calm down and at about 3am realised I’d got my heart rate back to normal! Then I slept!

I’ve made an appointment to see the docs on Friday morning this week to have a talk to him about the fact that I don’t remember having these Adrenaline rushes before last Saturday. I want to check that the tablets aren’t actually, in some way, causing them.

So.... that’s why I’ve not been around on LJ this last week very much!