November 24th, 2010

Blue Red

Feeling better today

Thank Goodness.

Yesterday I forced myself out walking with the Tuesday group (not just ladies now as there are 6 men!) but checked before we went that it wasn't going to be too difficult a walk as I was still feeling delicate. We did a medium walk (just 1 steep hill - about 3 miles) and I was fine.

I had a great nights sleep last night too.

We are supposed to be getting snow this evening/overnight but this morning it was sunny, with clear blue skys (but cold). So I ran one of the ladies from the Tuesday group and asked if she fancied going for a walk. She suggested we took a walk out to a local farm just outside the next village that makes it's own icecream it was about 6 miles(ish) there and back! On the way back I went into the 'Peacock' and had lunch for £2.50.

The weather changed and turned colder as we were walking home but we were well wrapped up.

This is a picture taken from the farm towards the city centre in the far distance on the hills. The houses on the ridge halfway up the picture on the far right hand side is the nearest point to where I live (I live over the other side of the hill).

I couldn't take any more photos as it was so cold my camera batteries kept going dead!