December 1st, 2010

Blue Red

Still snowing!

It's not stopped snowing since 1pm yesterday! I've just been out and measured the snow in my front (which isn't as deep as it is on the roads and pavements!) and it's 11 inches!  Steve hasn't gone to work this morning. The main road is too bad and there are no busses running to clear it. 

It's due to snow all day today too. 
Blue Red

UK Christmas no.1's (1952 - 2010)

I haven't posted these songs for a couple of years.

I love Christmas No1s and have collected them over the years on 78, vinyl and CD.  

I've tried to find original video footage where possible but obviously a lot of the TV footage of the early ones has been destroyed or lost.

The UK charts started in 1952 so here's the first 2 UK Christmas no1s

Al Martino - Here In My Heart

Frankie Laine - Answer Me