December 31st, 2010

Blue Red

My year's memories in music

Whenever I go anywhere, or do anything I always tend to have a piece of music that reminds me of where I was or what I was doing when I heard it either for the first time, or for the umpteenth time!

Here are my music memories of this year.

I went to see Duke Special in concert in January at the Leadmill in Sheffield. He sang this song at the start of his second set and told us it was a new song and he hoped we liked it.

I went to see Mika at the O2 in Sheffield and I still have memories the masses of glitter that just covered us and went EVERYWHERE and of picking out lots of pieces of golden glitter from my underwear when I got home!

My friend Chris and I went to see The Rocky Horror Show at the Lyseum Theatre in Sheffield. She had never heard of Rocky Horror before (LOL!) She blushed and giggled and muttered 'what have you brought me to' - by the end she loved it!

I can't remember exactly when I was shown this on the internet (I'm thinking it was one of a group of interesting posts by anusoida ) but for some reason it sticks out in my mind as something I watched alot on youtube during April.

Steve and I went to Cornwall for a week and I had recorded the new Eurovision Son Contest CD onto my mp3 player - this is the song that stood out the most by far..

I heard this coming out of all the Edinburgh shops on the royal mile on the first few days of my holiday around Scotland with multred_a .

This piece of music reminds me of the my weekend trip to Edinburgh for the elf_meet  (european LOST fangirls) where I met up with toestastegood, janie_tangerine  and alliecat8 .
(spoiler for lost finale!)

I  knew nothing about Be Be Vox before I saw her at Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham and realised by her audience (very young girly girls)  that I was either going to really hate her music or love it...I loved it! 

This was being played on the radio and in the shops throughout the whole fortnight Steve and I were in the South of France

I know this is an old song but I heard it for the first time on an afternoon tv music show one day while I was ill in bed - I really liked it.

Misfits series 2 was on!

Nothing remindes me of anything in December!!! so I'll have to ask you to pick me a song/music that I can remember for December, or a song/music that makes you think of me, or just send me something music related that you like.....

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