May 11th, 2011

Blue Red

Greetings from Dusseldorf

Well I'm having a lovely time.

Cousin aimingtobefit  and I set off from Sheffield on the 7am train to London on Monday morning and arrived in Brussels at 2.30 in the afternoon. We had about a 15 min walk to our hotel which was nice and clean but a little homely. After settling in we went for a walk down the street to the Grand Market Place which was really pretty. really old square with buildings from around 1690 that were very ornate with gold trim everywhere. We had an evening meal on a little continental side street with musicians playing as they walked up and down the street.

Tuesday Morning we set off again on the 9am train to Dusseldorf. We arrived at midday and took a 10 min walk to the holel where I was meeting the people from the Eurovision song contest fan club to pick up my tickets. After meeting them we decided to get a taxi to our apartment as it is just out of the city centre.

The apartment is lovely. small but has everything we need. We settled in and then did a bit of food shopping.

We went to the first semi final of the song contest in the evening and it was a really impressive show! The costumes were quite good this year except for one of the presenters which was sooo short and not a nice design and the girl from Georgia who was singing a rock/rap song while waring a black dress(that stuck out at odd angles) with lime green piping and frills! The pirotecnic were fantastic as were some of the magic trick mid song costume changes! The shock of the night was that Norway who were very popular with the audience didn't get through while Greece did. I guessed 7 out of the 10 that got through with even my outsider that noone else seemed to like - Lithuania getting through.

So today is a rest day with a meet up party this evening. Apparently Blue and Jedward will be there!