May 24th, 2011

Blue Red

Catch up no1

Sooo... We didn't go to the meet up on Wednesday as we were both so tired! It got to the time to set off and we were still lolling on our beds not having got ready. We talked about how upset we would be to miss Blue and Jedwood and decided - not very! So we stopped in, watched tv, and had an early night!

On Thursday we walked to the cafe down the road via the lovely park and sat outside in the sun having dinner, which we completed with an ENORMOUS piece of cheesecake!

In the evening we went to the second semifinal which I personally think was a harder choice to pick the best 10 songs as there were so many good songs amongst them. Some good songs had to be got rid of whereas a few weaker songs had got through on Tuesday as there wasn't really 10 strong songs in the bunch of 25! There was lots of party atmosphere and people being really friendly and sociable.

On Friday we finally made it to the EuroCafe in the centre. We saw little and big Adam across the cafe and joined them  (we bumped into them every day at some point in Dusseldorf!) A local man on his lunch break from work went to a local flag shop and bought me and aimingtobefit a UK flag each which was very nice of him! We saw Paradise Oskar from Finland in the Cafe signing autographs. (Close up he looked a lot like Prince Harry!)

In the evening we went to the Dress rehearsal for the final. The atmosphere was so different from the semifinals! It was full of reserved, suited and well dressed local families, that politely clapped at the end of each song and really didn't want to talk to us!

On Saturday evening we set of really early to go to the final we got there for the gates opening at 5.30pm - and it was still busy with people at that time. Who should we bump into as we were waiting to go through security but the two Adams!

It was a good job we went early as aimingtobefit found out how high up her seat was and couldn't get up there! So we spent all of the time before the concert trying to find a way to get her a lower seat ticket. Finally as every one was going to there seats one of the staff had a personal friend who kindly swapped her ticket with my cousin.

All my seats from the Fan Club were excellent! On Tuesday I was 7 rows from the front, on Thursday I was 10 rows and on Saturday I was 14!

On Sunday we caught the train from Dusseldorf to Cologne where I met, and had a coffee with my Tribe friend Petra, who I have been writing to on Facebook for a few years but we have never met before. She was really nice and very easy to get on with. I tried to convince her to get a LJ account! LOL! We had time for a quick look around Cologne Cathedral before we caught the train back to Brussels.

Debbie wanted to find 'the weeing boy' statue but we didn't manage to find it - we did find a statue that we named  'The Queen of Belgium plays hoopla!' though!

We caught the train home on Monday and arrived back home at about 2pm.
Blue Red

Catch up no2

We weren't allowed to take cameras into the arena so I don't have any photos of the atmosphere or the people dressed up or anything really!

Here's some photos of Brussels.

Oh OK - LJ's not letting me post any piccies! I'll try again later!

Blue Red

Catch up no3

multred_a came to stay with me on the evening of Thursday 19th for a couple of nights.

On Thursday evening we went to the Peacock inn for a lovely HUGE evening roast. On Friday morning we caught the local little rural bus and went for a run out to High and Low Bradfield. We got off the bus in High Bradfield and had a look around the church. We then walked down to lower Bradfield where we had a sandwich, cake and tea/coffee in the little post office tea room. We had half an hour spare after before the bus back so we watched the older gentlemen as they played bowls. We eve got invited and encouraged to join the ladies team as they were short of members and as one gentlemen put it - 'Ya gets paid ya nows fa playin' in't compertitions!'

In the evening I had friends round for a Eurovision party. We watched the final and I told them at a certain silent part in the show to listen out for me wooping LOL! I had to do something to say to my friends when I got home! I knew I was sat in a place where I wasn't going to be seen on the TV amongst the 35 thousand people! So I did a solitary cheer in a quiet part of a song! And it could be heard on the TV show! LOL!!!

Hopefully people had fun - I have these parties every year and most people come every year so they can't dislike them that much!

multred_a  left on Saturday morning to catch a train to Almouth. She's back here again on Saturday at about noon.

Next year we'll hopefully go travelling again together. With going to Dusseldorf I just had no money this year!
Blue Red

The few Dusseldorf piccies I have!

Dusseldorf didn't have a very pretty city centre. It was mainly 1960's concrete (quite like a lot of Sheffield city centre!) as it was all rebuilt after the war. The outskirts were very green and pretty and it was a very very clean place. It had an old town that had some nice architecture. I admit that I didn't give the centre much of a chance - I'm not a lover of big city centres!

A statue in the old town.