November 4th, 2011

Blue Red

My friend Sam is having a right laugh!

In the middle of October my friend Sam received an e-mail from someone on a dating website. This is her introduction post on her blog -

'A quick introduction for those who have not had access to my blog before.  I have set this up as a dedicated blog soley for the correspondance currently taking place between myself and a Mr Justin McBride. Mr McBride is an internet scammer who contacted me through an online dating site. His initial message was badly written in poorly translated English, all the trade marks of an internet scammer.

I have decided to have a bit of fun with him and see how long I can string him along with rediculous tales and promises of true love!!!

Please note, the character I have created is nothing like me. I am not a god fearing, orphaned, religious zealot!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I am!! Long may it continue! '

They are still writing to each other and friends leave her comments (on her blog and on her facebook) giving her suggestions of what to write next and asking her to include their names in her letters to him! It is really funny!!

Please take a look -

Sam's blog (this link takes you to the first post she did!)