March 17th, 2012

Blue Red

I 'literally' laughed my head off!

I've just noticed in these last few days how people are using the word 'literally' when they don't actually mean it!

In the pub the other evening someone told me "The curry I had last night was so hot it literally blew my brains out!" I had to bite my tongue from commenting how well his head seemed to have healed overnight or from asking how much mess it had made in his living room!

A couple of days ago was the comment I overheard in a coffee shop "I was so scared I literally jumped out of my skin!"

But the one I really fell for was yesterday when at slimming club the leader was telling us about a booster diet that they only recommend when you've been maintaining for a while and you need help with a weight loss. She told me that it was really strict and said that it worked "because you literally really have to tighten your belt" while at the same time she demonstrated pulling her belt tight. So... my image...the diet works because by fastening your belt tight and being uncomfortable you are unable to eat as much food! My comment to her in all innocence..."Oh I don't know If I'd like that. I hate my jeans being too tight as it is!" to which she give me a weird look.
An hour later in the coffee shop it suddenly dawned on me and I suddenly burst out laughing, turned to my friend Rachel and said "I've just realised that when Lisa said literally about the belt she didn't actually mean literally did she? Rachel laughed and said "No!"

I do have a tendency to take what people say to me a bit literal sometimes!