October 23rd, 2012

Tim 'point'

This is the UK! That's not how we usually work!

I was just cooking my tea and trying to get everything done so that I could settle down to watch 'Person Of Interest' on Channel 5 at 9pm, only to remember that after last weeks episode they said that the show was taking a mid season break and would be returning in January!



We don't do that in the UK - unless like 'The Event' and 'Flashforward' when it's running at the same time as it is in the US and the US take a mid season break. 'Person Of Interest' has started with season 2 in the US now so why are we taking a mid season break and why TILL JANUARY!! that's 3 months away!!!

Channel 5 - Just stop messing about with all this US mid-season break nonsense and put 'POI' back on my screen - TONIGHT!!!

Edit - They've not listened to me and it's a couple of minutes since I posted this!