February 16th, 2013

Blue Red

Article/interview in Vision Magazine

I told a few people on LJ in December that I had been asked if I would be interviewed for the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club Magazine. Alasdair sent me the questions by e-mail and I sent him back my answers. The magazine has just arrived this morning.

so as requested I'm posting the article.

I hope you can read it. I am 'C.R.' and I've blanked out the photos and names (if any of my LJ friends just happen to be in the fan club and get this magazine - then you now know who I am!) oh and SVT is the Swedish TV company that is broadcasting the show.

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Well I now have 5 snowdrops open in my planters. I still can't manage to get a decent photo of them! but here is a photo of my miniature Iris that I took a couple of days ago while the snow was still around.