June 13th, 2013

Blue Red

book no.19!

So I finished reading 'A Journey to the Western Isles' by Samuel Johnson this morning. I've quite enjoyed it. Scotland was very different in the 1770's and Dr Johnson's book has taught me about the deforestation of the highlands and islands, the emigration of thousands of Scots to America, the law banning the wearing of kilts and the law banning the bearing of arms. The language was hard and I needed a dictionary to refer to and also I found a map of the route they travelled, as some places have changed their names or the main roads are now in different places to the route they travelled.

So I have now equalled the amount of book I read all last year - which was the highest number of books I had ever read in one year!!

My next book with mean that I have beaten my target for this year..And it's still only June!!!