October 28th, 2013

Blue Red

Day 17 of cutting down/stopping my Labyrinthitis tablets ready for balance tests at the hospital.

Yay! well over halfway now! I've got cabin fever from not going out anywhere because of getting dizzy, but the weather has been too rainy and horrid to bother anyway.

Well this week I've been fine. I'm still constantly on the edge of dizziness and I have to remember not to turn or bend or move too quickly. If I suddenly go dizzy I go and lay down straight away and keep my head still and my eyes closed and thankfully my balance calms down in about 20 mins! I've had more headaches and I've got a thick cotton wool head, and yesterday I felt queasy for most of the day oh and I'm REALLY tired - but... I'm not too dizzy.

As I'm doing so well I've been wondering if I actually needed to be taking the tablets but my mom pointed out that I've probably learned without realising over the last 6 years how to move and go about my life so I don't go dizzy and also that I've been taking it easy this last fortnight. When I think about it, if I was to now go in a car or on a bus I would be very ill! so no I have to remember that just because I'm doing much better than I ever thought I would doesn't mean that I'm all okay now.

Only 14 days to go till my hospital appointment.