November 7th, 2013

Blue Red

Fun Quiz

You Are Red Tea

You are open minded, worldly, and a true adventurer. You are curious about the world and the people that live in it.
You have a wild streak, but you are also emotionally stable. You are a good friend to anyone who knows you.

When you get your mind set on something, you are hard to discourage - no matter how crazy your plan might seem.
You adjust easily and seem immune from the culture shock others experience. Like red tea, you fit in anywhere.

Blue Red

50 Books Challenge


I finished my '50 books in a year' challenge this morning  that started on Jan 1st and it's only 7th November. It's a big difference from 5 years ago when I lived in my other flat and I only read about 2 books a year!

a shortened list -

4 factual including 'Journey to the western isles of Scotland, Samuel Johnson 1775'
3 Classics including 'War of the worlds, H.G. Wells'
7 Contemporary Fiction including 'The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared, Jonas Johansson'
5 Children's Classics including 'The secret garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett'
3 poetry
5 Classic Romance
23 Contemporary Romance

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