November 22nd, 2013

Blue Red

nice and sparkly!

My mouse broke a couple of days ago and so I finally opened my present from my friend that I'd saved until I needed a new mouse. It's very pretty with it's different coloured lights and it's chrystals.


Blue Red

Friday Five

1. What is the one household chore you don't mind?
Laundry because I remember the days of going to a laundrette, hand washing and twin tubs so having a washing machine in my kitchen is wonderful!

2. What is the one household chore you would happily never do again?
Drying the pots. I would love a dishwasher!

3. What is the one household chore you had to do as a child and now make your child do (providing you have kids)?
When I was young I had to weekly help my mom clean, vac, tidy and dust the bedrooms and bathroom. (and I don't have kids)

4. How do you reward yourself after you've finished?
Come on LJ like I have now :)

5. Does your SO ever help out around the house?
Because we don't live together we have an unspoken deal - if I go to his place he does everything and if he comes round to mine I do most things but he loves cooking so he always cooks for me and washes up after himself. I don't think I've cooked for the two of us for years!