January 25th, 2014

Birthday Balloons

60th Birthday party

I went out last night to Steve's Brother in law's surprise 60th Birthday party.

It was a good night but a bit strange when he came in as they had blindfolded him?! So my thought was he must have known that something was going on?! Anyway he later told me that he had no idea and that the party was a complete surprise so that was good.

It was nice seeing his family again. They all live really nearby but Steve's not one for socialising much with his family as they tend to go to the pub a lot and drink loads and Steve doesn't drink very much as it makes him wide awake and he can't sleep. Talking of drink I was such a lightweight! I haven't drunk for a few years because I couldn't drink while taking the labyrinthitis tablets (I do actually very occasionally have half a glass of wine) Last night was my first night out since I stopped taking the tablets so Steve bought us a bottle of wine to share. Well!....2 glasses of wine and I could hardly string two words together!! I was trying to have a conversation and not managing! Steve just laughed and said 'No more for you tonight young lady!' his family thought it was funny.

I woke up fine this morning after drinking loads of water when I got home. Steve said he never slept a wink of sleep all night and was up watching TV at 4.30am after laying awake bored for hours! I'm now feeling very tired and feel as though I never slept at all last night.

I've got my best friends birthday night out on Thursday this week. We are having a girly night so I will be more careful now I know how stupidly little I seem to be able to drink now!