February 6th, 2014

Blue Red

an interesting envelope.....

The postman delivered me a lovely black envelope today from moredetails in the US.

Inside was a 'truth or dare' scratch card with instructions to share my answer on here.


What's the dumbest thing you ever said or did, around a boy/girl you liked?

When I was (only just) 14 my friend and I went on holiday with her parents for a fortnight to the Norfolk Broads. We were holidaying on a boat so we were travelling around the Broads visiting different villages. We arrived in this one village and were staying for their 3 day summer fate. There were all sorts of things going on and my friend and I sat by the river to eat our sandwiches. Two local lads walked by and asked if they could join us. We sat and talked to them and then in the afternoon we went with them to the fair. It was all very innocent and nothing at all happened. At night me and my friend came back to the boat and girly giggled about how we liked them.

The next day we met up with them again and we went around some of the things that were happening for the fate. As we sat by the river eating our sandwiches the second day the conversation came up about how old we all were. They told us first that they were 21! We were obviously shocked because at 14, 21 was quite old! I then told them how old we were. Well I suppose quite rightly, they disappeared quite quickly!

My friend was really upset and wouldn't talk to me. She went back to the boat in a sulk and developed a migraine.

Later in the day she rowed with me and told me I was stupid for telling them how old we were and that I should go back and tell them that I'd got it wrong and that we were in fact 15 not 14! (LOL as though a year was going to make any difference!) She was adament that I went and insisted she wasn't going to talk to me until I did so I said I would.

I did stand outside the boat for a while deciding whether to just walk around the village and then come back and say I'd done it but instead in the end I went and found them and told them!

Of course it didn't make any difference and we had to see them around the village the next day!

I'm giggling now just thinking about how dumb I/we were!

and if anyone is interested, I scratched the 'Dare' side too cos I wanted to see what it said...
'Pretend that you are underwater for the next 5 minutes.'

I can only hold my breath for 2 minutes!! I'm glad I picked Truth first :)

Thank you moredetails I had fun, and I love receiving real things through the post that connect me to my LJ friends xx