April 22nd, 2014

Blue Red


I'm noticing that a lot of entries for this weeks LJ Idol 'Step on the crack' is using a saying that haven't heard before and as far as I'm aware isn't said in the UK.

'Step on the crack break your mothers back.'

is this just a US saying or is it said in other parts of the world? Is it said in Canada being so near?

I would be interested if you would let me know where you are in the world and if this saying is used in your country.
Blue Red


This maybe my equivalent of the 'step on the crack' saying.

In the UK the Cow Parsley (and also Hemlock because they look so similar) are known to children as 'Mother die' and the story goes that if you pick the flowers your mother will die!

Cow Parsley
cow parsnip